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    Karbo Combo+
Easy to feed pelleted form
Karbo Combo+ is a signature specialty
supplement.  Cutting-edge technology
combines the active ingredients of Karbo
Flour+ or Pellets+ and Epic II CL into the
Karbo Combo+ pellet.  The Karbo Combo+
combination offers the animal's immune
systems multiple advantages in resisting
bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, toxins,
aflotoxins and environmental challenges for
thriftier body function.  Research in these
areas clearly states that if immune systems
are working right, clinical disease is rare.  In
effect, Karbo Combo+ will allow you to
exploit the genetic potential of your livestock
as a strengthened immune response manages
daily disease assaults.
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    Epic II CL
Epic II CL
Epic II CL is an aqueous (water-based)
solution consisting of encapsulated natural
vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and
glycocomponents.  Epic II CL is formulated
to cut down the ammonia (blood urea
nitrogen) in the intestine, thereby allowing
for more complete digestion and increased
tissue integrity.  With its unique ability to
dilate blood vessels and increase gut mobility
for faster toxin evacuation, Epic II CL is
unsurpassed in its effectiveness to aid in
alleviating colic symptoms and other
digestive diseases.  For maximum benefit for
your animals and birds, use Epic II CL in
combination with Karbo Flour+ or Pellets+.
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