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Black came to stay with us in the fall of 2007.  I had been riding her daughter
and when I returned her to her pasture one afternoon, I noticed that Black
was lame.  I informed her owner and they had her checked out.  She had an
abscess on her front left hoof and her coffin bones had started to tip.  My
husband and I offered to help care for her while her owners were away.  

Her feet were in very poor condition.  She had thin soles and abscessed
several more times.  In December we decided to purchase her.  

Video below shows Black the day after I found her in the pasture.
After purchasing Black, we
drastically changed her diet to
better suite her metabolic and
senior (22 yrs. old at the time)
needs.  We also put her on a 4
week trim schedule.  By
February 2008 she was moving
much better and was found a new

A year passed by and in January
of 2009 Black’s owner contacted
us to see if we wanted her back.  
She was no longer able to care
for her.  We jumped at the
opportunity.  Now age 24, she
had regressed a bit.  Her feet
were long and flared and her low
weight had been covered by her
long winter fuzz.

We offered her all of the hay she
could eat and put her back on the
same diet and trim schedule she
was on prior to leaving.  She
slowly gained weight and her feet
improved but she seemed to hit a
plateau.  She was no longer
improving weight wise nor was
she moving any better.

I had already started to see the
drastic changes Lucy was making
on the Karbo Combo and decided
to start Black to see what would
happen.  I was blown away!

Not only did she pick up weight
but she also started feeling
better.  Her feet started
improving and we were able to
start using her more and more
under saddle.
Above Photos:
Black prior to starting Karbo Combo

Below Photo:
30 days later
In July 2009 prior to drill performance at a rodeo, one of the drill horses
came up lame.  Black ended up going in and doing the performance for the
first time.  Since then we have been using her as the flag horse at
performances.  We have learned that she loves parades and trails!  I don't
think she is ready to retire just yet and thanks to the Karbo Combo, she now
has the energy to do the things she enjoys.  People always comment on her
when she is out and about and they are amazed when they learn her age.
Black's Story
Iowa State Fair Parade 2009
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