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Do not try to cut corners.
Birth Stress - 7% Iodine - use cup on all navels
Colostrum - good quality
2 qt. 4-6 hr. after birth
2 qt. 6-12 hr. after birth
Use colostrameter to determine quality

Day One:
    30cc Epic II CL orally AM & PM
    1/4 oz. Karbo Essentials AM & PM
    2.5cc BoSe IM
    2.5cc ADE IM

Day Two:
    30 cc Epic II CL orally AM & PM
    1/4 oz. Karbo Essentials AM & PM

Day Three:
    30 cc Epic II CL orally AM & PM
    1/4 oz. Karbo Essentials AM & PM

Day Four-Eight:
    10cc Epic II CL orally AM & PM
    1/4 oz. Karbo Essentials DAILY

* Day Eight:
    2.5 cc vaccination Vira Shield 6 + Somnus

    10cc Epic II CL AM & PM in Milk or Replacer. Use Epic II CL for at
    least eight weeks or longer as the beneficial effects will continue to
    give you a faster-growing, healthier calf.

Note: Continue to use 1/4 oz. Karbo Essentials DAILY in situations where
diarrhea presents a problem.

Epic II CL in the Control of Calf Diarrhea  
    To control calf diarrhea, it appears that the environment of the
    digestive tract seem to contribute to the severity of the diarrhea that
    is present.

    The presence of high levels of ammonia in the digestive tract seem to
    have a profound effect on the appearance of diarrhea. High levels of
    quality protein and non-protein nitrogen lead to this situation. The
    intestinal integrity is greatly enhanced and disease resistance is
    strengthened when high ammonia levels are controlled. Healthier
    digestive tract tissue acts as a positive barrier to viruses, bacteria and
    toxins that produce lethal disease conditions.

    One of the main reasons to use Epic II CL is the promotion of a healthy
    digestive tract, rendering disease less of a factor in a healthy growing

    The overall results of less diarrhea, faster growth, better feed intake
    and utilization, less labor and drug expense in raising quality calves
    are all realized. In contrast, high ammonia levels in the digestive tract
    inhibit the fermentation of feed stuffs and contribute to unthrifty

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Calf Raising Essentials
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