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Milk Fever
Milk Fever in large animals is a multi-factorial disease due to errors in
metabolism. The demands for calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients are
huge at the time of parturition and can lead to what is commonly known as
Milk Fever. Management practices in nutrient availability can alleviate to
some degree the severity of this disease. Many nutrient strategies are
employed to control Milk Fever in the dairy industry.

By providing the proper nutrients and stimulation of the immune system,
Milk Fever can be all but eliminated. The feeding of Karbo Combo Pellets
three weeks prior to calving at the level of two ounces A.M. and P.M. has
greatly reduced the incidence of Milk Fever in susceptible cows. To further
protect the cow and aid her production demands, many producers maintain
the level at one ounce A.M. and P.M. until the cow is pronounced pregnant.

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Milk Fever
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