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Epic II CL
Suggested levels of Epic II CL to be fed to assist in maintaining optimal
health for your animal.
Weight of Animal
3 cc
Once Daily
6 cc
Once Daily
9 cc
Once Daily
12 cc
Once Daily
Epic II CL Feeding Directions
Epic II CL May be mixes with water or given orally with a blunt tipped
syringe (not included).

Generally Karbo Flour+ or Pellets+ are used in concert with Epic II CL for
maximum effect.  Though there are a few limited situations where you might
use only Epic (ex. when treating Colic) most of our customers prefer to use
Karbo Combo+.  Because it combines both the Epic and the Karbo formulas,
you are able to get the most
"Bang for your Buck."  It is also much easier
to administer since you only have one product to administer instead of two.
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