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Colic in domestic animals is an emergency situation and must be treated
quickly to save severely affected animals.  The causes include, but are not
limited to, food overload, indigestion (pregnancy), twisted bowel, poisons
and toxins.

Treatments of colic vary greatly, often according to long-standing customs.  
The use of Epic II CL has proven in many cases to be a spectacular aid in the
relief of symptoms and a return to normal bowel action.  The object is not to
sedate the bowel or the animal, but to increase peristalsis and move the
offending material out of the bowel, as well as tie up the toxins that can
produce severe health and life-threatening situations.

Epic II CL taken orally will dilate many blood vessels in the bowel, increase
peristalsis, tie up harmful bacterial reactions, and by binding and detoxifying
many toxins (including ammonia), relieve the animal of this life-threatening
Epic II CL
when a horse has colic

Suggested levels of Epic II CL to be given to a horse with colic.  Give
Weight of Equine
60 cc
*see below
75 cc
*see below
90 cc
*see below
120 cc
*see below
150 cc
*see below
200 cc
*see below
*Repeat this amount every hour until the horse returns to normal activity.  
Rarely is a third round of
Epic II CL necessary.
Using Epic II CL to Control
Colic in the Equine
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