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    Does Karbo Essentials+ help with allergies in cats?  If so, how does it

    Karbo Essentials+ stimulates the immune systems which are entirely
    involved in allergic reactions of any organ in the body (arthritis, for
    example, is immune mediated and controlled 100% by the immune
    systems).  The Karbo Essentials+ mediates the effect of the allergy on
    the systems that are expressing problems.  

    Does the Karbo Essentials help with cats who suffer from frequent
    urinary tract infections?  If so, how does it work?

    Karbo Essentials+ is effective in controlling E. coli, which is the
    ideological agent in a high percentage of urinary infections.  The
    bacteria are bound by the oligosaccharides, become inactive, cannot
    colonize and are rafted out of the body.  In addition, the killer T-cells,
    in the body with a stimulated immune system, aid in the production of
    ions that will kill E.coli bacterium.
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