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Lucy came to us in the winter of 2007.  She was young and already had a
very sour attitude when being worked.  When she was not being worked she
had a very curious and unique personality.  

In the spring of 2008 I started riding her.  I had the chiropractor out to
check her over prior to starting her back up.  She made a few minor
adjustments and away we went.  Her attitude was a little better but she still
was still very sour under saddle.  

I started out with a very light riding schedule.  Less then 2 weeks later she
started losing her hair and lost a significant amount of weight.  With her
previous history of high stress training I had the vet out to check her for
The vet check cleared Lucy for ulcers.  
Her teeth were floated and I was told she
was having an “abnormal shed”.  I
refrained from riding her until her hair
grew back (almost 3 months later) due to
the sensitivity of her top-line.   By this time
she had become significantly underweight

When I managed to get Lucy to an
acceptable weight in the fall of 2008 she
then broke out in bumps all over her
body.  Initially we thought the bumps were
a reaction to bug bites.  When the bumps
remained, I took her back to the vet to
have a skin scraping done.  Nothing was
found and there were no explanations for
the bumps.
Above Photo:
Hair loss winter of 2008
I spent a substantial amount of time and money with my vet trying to figure
out what was wrong with Lucy.  Between the hair loss, bumps, rain rot or
some other ailment, I was left unable to use her for most of the year.  

Lucy’s weight had been an issue since she arrived in 2007.  No matter how
much I fed her (or what I fed her) I could always see her ribs, her attitude
was very sour and resentful, and she lacked the energy that most young
horses have .

In the spring of 2009 I heard about Karbo Combo.  Since starting the Karbo
Combo, Lucy has gained a significant amount of weight.  Those who saw her
last year are amazed at how well she looks and acts, and so are we!
Left Photos:                        
Lucy prior to Karbo Combo
Right Photos:
60 days later
Lucy's attitude has made a huge improvement as well.  Not only is she
performing better under saddle, she is also playing and running in the
fields which is a sight I had not seen prior to Karbo Combo.
Lucy's Story
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