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Feeding instructions (for oral use):
Karbo Essentials+
Feeding Directions for a Litter of Piglets
Suggested levels of Karbo Essentials+ to be fed to a litter of piglets.
This chart is based on the
total litter weight.
Litter Weight
20# Litter of Piglets
1 Ounce
Once Daily
30# Litter of Piglets
1 1/2 Ounces
Once Daily
40# Litter of Piglets
2 Ounces
Once Daily
4 days prior to weaning of litter of 10 +/- piglets:
Feed 2 oz. of piglet essentials daily.
(this may be divided into 2 feedings of 1 oz. am & pm)

At weaning and commingling with other litters to a total
of 20 +/- piglets:
Feed 2 oz. for each 10 piglets (4 oz. per 20+/-piglets) once daily.

On day 5 post weaning:
Increase to 4 oz. per day per 10 piglets until day 21. ( 8 oz. for 20 piglets per

21 days post weaning :
Compare them to other groups;

  • weight gain
  • morbidity
  • mortality
  • feed conversion
  • thriftiness

This regimen is recommended for all animals under environmental, training,
and performance stress conditions on a daily basis. Daily maintenance levels
are critical for maximum health benefits and optimal genetic expression.  
Karbo Essentials+
Feeding Directions
Karbo Essentials+
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