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A horse owner’s worse nightmare.  I walked into the barn one morning to find
Maggie, helping herself to a big barrel of corn.  I don't know how much she had
consumed, but by the time the Vet arrived, her front feet were hot and she
wasn't walking for me.  The Vet treated her with everything he had, but
couldn't promise that she'd ever be "normal" again.  We would just have to wait
and see.  Two days later, she went down and I thought we were going to lose her
that night.  Maggie was in bad shape.  A friend told me about Karbo Combo and
how it draws the toxins out of the body, so I got Maggie started on it right
away.  In two weeks time, she was walking comfortably and within 40 days, we
were back to riding her regularly.  I'm happy to report that Maggie has had no
lasting effects from her Laminitic episode.  I credit both the quick actions of
my Vet and getting her started on the Karbo Combo so soon.  I have since kept
her on the Karbo Combo for all the other benefits that she can receive from it.    

Brenda from Iowa
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    Lady is our 4 year old mini wiener.  She is one of the females that we have used for breeding and she is also a pet.

    Lady came into heat the first week of Sept.  She was exposed to/bred by our male.  Not long after, we noticed that she developed
    a cough.  Having recently lost one of our older dogs to Valley Fever, we recognized the symptoms now showing up in Lady.

    Valley fever is caused by a fungus that is found in the soil of desert areas.  It can be debilitating, even deadly in animals and
    humans.  The treatment for Valley fever consists of using a fungicide, in our case, Fluconizol, to combat the fungus.  The
    treatment is not well tolerated by some animals and has various possible side effects, one of which is birth defects.

    We decided to try treating Lady by using Karbo Essentials to boost her immune system and hopefully fight/contain the fungus.  
    We were hoping to "buy time" until closer to the time she delivered if pregnant.  Every week that we could hold off on the
    Fluconizole was better for her and her possible puppies.  I am pleased to report that Lady's health has improved.  She regained
    her appetite, although she still has the cough.

    Lady would be due in 1 week and she really doesn’t look pregnant, so I have started her on the fluconizole. I will keep her on the
    Karbo Essentials, too.  I really think the Karbo Essentials have helped and will continue to help Lady battle Valley fever.  

    Thank you!!
    Vicki A.
I started "Ace" on Karbo Combo 3 months ago as a yearling.  He had no particular problems that I was concerned about,
however, I didn't feel that he was filling out like he could and he had a pretty big hay belly on him.  Since my daughter is
wanting to show him in a couple years, I decided to give him the best start that I could.  In just 3 months, he has filled out in
the neck and back end and his beautiful dunn coat has darkened somewhat.  I will continue to keep Ace on Karbo Combo
throughout his growing years and look forward to a beautiful, healthy adult horse.  

Brenda H.
Top Photos:
Ace Before
Bottom Photos:
Ace After
    I've had Jessie on Karbo Combo for a couple of months now and, while she was healthy and strong to begin with and it's more
    difficult to notice changes, I think her coat is shinier and her weight is easier to maintain.  I think anything that can help a horse's
    digestive system work better and be more efficient is certainly worth looking into.  After all, next to the feet what's the number
    one problem you hear about in horses?  Stomach and digestive problems.  And, if you can avoid just ONE episode of a stomach or
    digestive problem, Karbo Combo pays for itself.

    John H.
I have a 9 year old registered paint mare, and on Memorial Day weekend, she stepped in a
hole and pulled her right hind quarter muscle.  Not realizing the severity of the injury, I
continued to ride her on the trail and in my equestrian drill team.  I took her to the vet
approximately 2 weeks after the injury and was told that she was getting arthritis in her hocks
and he advised me to continue to ride her, while applying an anti-arthritic paste to her hocks.  
She continued to get worse and we took her for a second opinion to another veterinarian
(approximately 6 weeks after the injury) that works closely with Iowa State University and
the Prairie Meadows Race track. This veterinarian determined that she had a severely
strained muscle in the right  hindquarter that had started to become fibrotic (the muscle  
hardens, and cannot stretch).  She had to have an ultrasonic treatment, multiple injections
including steroids and gentle exercise.  
At that initial visit, they determined that she had a mild case of EPM, which was treated.  She struggled with pain, and her
coat had become very dry and rough looking.  She had (2) equine chiropractic adjustments to assist her with her
recovery, but her recovery was slow, and at times I felt she was getting worse not better.  I started her on Karbo Combo
on the 3rd week of July, and within a month and a half her coat started to become glossier, she acted more energetic and
like her normal self.  I continue  to keep her on the Karbo Combo, because I have seen a definite change in her health.  
She is now trail riding again, and I have started showing her in western pleasure/walk-trot classes again.  I believe that
the Karbo Combo has made a difference in her speed of recovery and has assisted in re-building her immune system
after the hindquarter injury, and the EPM.  

Jan H.
Toad Ridge Ranch